18 May 2021

Mission and Strategy

The aim of GrESPEN's initiative is twofold:

  • To persuade politicians to incorporate changes in the Greek legislation regarding Clinical Nutrition issues. This was necessary in order to create policies in favour of the prevention of malnutrition that would be mandatory to be followed in every public hospital in Greece (establishment of Nutritional Support Team, Nutritional Screening and Assessment for every new admission to the hospital, post-discharge individualized nutritional counseling, access of the dietitian to the medical record, incorporation of national and international guidelines on nutrition support, etc.)
  • To provide Greek caregivers (doctors, dieticians, nurses, pharmacists) with easy access to guidelines, lectures, data etc. In order to maximize the adoption of the new legislation by the caregivers, they should –in parallel- get educated about the importance of adequate nutrition support in fighting malnutrition. Since many of them seem to have difficulties in gaining this information from English literature, all ESPEN guidelines, LLL e-modules and ESPEN’s Blue Book were translated in Greek. Other important relevant information (e.g. how to start a NST), are available in Greek free of any charge.

HMSN additionally provides extended information on the Adriatic Club of Clinical Nutrition (ACCN) and the ESPEN Course in Clinical Nutrition. Each section contains details from previous meetings (ACCN here) and courses (ECCN here) with full program, etc., in an effort to make Greek doctors more interested in participating and in that way learn more on how to struggle malnutrition. 

Moreover, currently, in collaboration with scientists from the Medical School (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and the Department of Science in Dietetics-Nutrition (Harokopio University of Athens), studies on malnutition in hospitalized populations are conducted.

Finally,  GrESPEN  carries out educational activities in collaboration with other Greek or international scientific societies (list of LLL-live courses in Greece)

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