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18 May 2021

Board of GrESPEN

THe Board of the GrESPEN consists of 7 members and is on duty for 3 years.

CHAIRMAN: Professor D. Kouvelas

Καθηγητής Αντ. Ζαμπέλας

VICE CHAIRMAN: Professor A. Zampelas

Καθηγητής Αντ. Ζαμπέλας

GEN. SECRETARY:  Dr. M. Chourdakis

Δρ. Μιχάλης Χουρδάκης

ASS. SECRETARY: Ms A. Anastassiadou

Αναστασία Αναστασιάδου

TREASURER: Ms D. Vassilakou

Δέσποινα Βασιλάκου

MEMBER: Dr. M. Pasakiotou-Bintoudi

Dr. Pasakiotou-Bintoudi

MEMBER: Assoc. Professor A. Tsapas

Επ. Καθηγητής Απ. Τσάπας

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