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21 April 2021

About us

The Hellenic Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (GrESPEN) is a nonprofit scientific organization. The foundation of GrESPEN arose from the need for integration and multidisciplinary collaboration of all related to Medical and Clinical Nutrition specialists (Doctors, Dieticians, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc.). The GrESPEN promotes the implementation of guidelines into clinical nutrition support, and fully supports the idea that appropriate treating of malnutrition can avoid knock-on healthcare complications and inflated costs. 

As happens at all related scientific societies of other countries (e.g. AuSPENSENPEPolSPEN, but also ESPENFELANPEASPEN), all scientists related to Medical-Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism fields (Doctors of various specialties, such as Surgeons, Pathologists, Intensive, Endocrinologists, Family Medicine physicians, etc.), Dietitians, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Nurses and other scientists with relevant professional or research field, can be registered as members.


GrESPEN seeks collaboration with other scientific societies, following the international practice to develop interdisciplinary cooperation, for the benefit of the patients and/or the scientists’ education opportunities.


GrESPEN is affiliated to the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)

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 Additionally, GrESPEN is a member of the Adriatic Club of Clinical Nutrition (ACCN)


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