21 April 2021

ESPEN Blue Book, 4th Εdition

The Hellenic Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism in an effort to make available quality knowledge easier to be reached by Greek scientist, has translated the 4th edition (Οctober 2011) of the ESPEN Blue Book. For this great achievement, many thanks to the Greek editors and the massive number of young doctors who helped throughout the whole project.


Editor-in-Chief: Luboš Sobotka

Associate Editors

  • Simon P. Allison
  • Alastair Forbes
  • Olle Ljungqvist
  • Rémy F. Meier
  • Marek Pertkiewicz
  • Peter B. Soeters


SP Allison, R Antonione, P Austin, MM Berger, G Bodoky, Y Boirie, F Bozzetti, M Braga, F Cai, PC Calder, ME Camilo, N Cano, YA Carpentier, L Cynober, E Dardai, NEP Deutz, DF Driscoll, W Druml, SJ Dudrick, Y Dupertuis, M Elia, J Faintuch, KCH Fearon, E Fontaine, A Forbes, K Fragkos, P Fürst, WG van Gemert, L Genton, MC Gonzalez, RF Grimble, O Goulet, M Haluzik, F Hammarqvist, G Hardy, L Harsanyi, R Hawary, C-P Heidegger, JP Howard, PY Hsiao, GL Jensen, P Jolliet, CF Jonkers-Schuitema, L Kent-Smith, B Koletzko, J Kondrup, M Kunecki, I Kushta, A Laviano, M Leon-Sanz, X Leverve, O Ljungqvist, DN Lobo, H Lochs, J Maňák, MM Meguid, RF Meier, MF von Meyenfeldt, M Muscaritoli, S Mühlebach, T Naber, L A Nin, I Nyulasi, A Ödlund Olin, J Ockenga, M Pertkiewicz, C Pichard, M Pirlich, M Plauth, J-C Preiser, I Preziosa, JW L Puntis, PLM Reijven, F Rossi-Fanelli, E Roth, HP Sauerwein, SM Schneider, AMWJ Schols, JMGA Schols, A Shenkin, P Singer, A Sitges-Serra, L Sobotka, PB Soeters, Z Stanga, RJ Stratton, Š Svačina, B Szczygiel, L Tappy, V Teplan, N Vaisman, MAE van Bokhorst - de van der Schueren, A Van Gossum, MFJ Vandewoude, G Wanten, J Wernerman, KR Westerterp, T Wild, Z Zadak

This exciting book allows reader to receive basic information in the field as well as the latest scientific knowledge of all 99 contributors. The book is also basis for all educational activities of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism – ESPEN. We hope that it will be important source of knowledge and of up-to-date information for physicians, dieticians, pharmacists, nurses and students and that it will help to improve practice in clinical nutrition world wide.

Key topics

• Basic concepts in nutrition
• Nutritional physiology and biochemistry
• Indications for nutritional support
• Organisation and legal aspects
• Substrates used for parenteral and enteral nutrition
• Techniques of nutritional support
• Enteral nutrition
• Parenteral nutrition
• Monitoring of nutrition support

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