18 May 2021

New Greek Legislation


The innovative and strategic Fight Against Malnutrition in Greece has resulted in establishing a new modern legislation. By the end of February the new legislation from the “Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity” was voted by the Greek Parliament. Chapter n.134 refers in details in Clinical Nutrition issues and addresses malnutrition related issues, such as:

  • Establishment of Clinical Nutrition departments within every public hospital.
  • Foundation of consultation Diet/Nutrition office (doing Nutritional Screening).
  • Nutritional Screening and Assessment has to be done according to well established based on scientific data and methods from international guidelines.
  • Establishment of Nutritional Support Teams at every hospital. As members of the NST can primarily be those regarded, who have gained Postgraduate Clinical Nutrition education, or at least have attended relevant live courses.
  • NST should identify and treat those in risk for malnutrition. Measures such as recording drug-food interactions, nutritional intake and adverse effects associated with the intake, digestion and absorption of food should be used. Specific care has to be made for post-discharge patients in risk for malnutrition.
  • Guiding that National and International Guidelines about Nutritional Support have to be followed.
  • Dietitians gain access to the medical record, and all relevant to the patient’s nutritional support has to written on the medical record.

Collaborators in this effort have been the Hellenic Dietetic Assocation (HDA) and the Hellenic Accosiation of Hospital Dietetians (PASYNOD). It is of great importance to underline the notable help provided by  Mr. Aris Mousionis, MD (General Manager-Director of the 1st and 3rd Health Districhts of the National Health System) and his co-directors. 

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